Why Professional Help Matters When Maintaining a Pool in Dubai

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to view pool upkeep as a routine task. The basic idea is that all you need to do is skim-clean the water each morning and drop in some pool chemicals. But shrugging off pool maintenance and upkeep as an everyday task often has costly results.

In-ground pools are big-ticket items and damage to them can be pricey. And beyond the monetary cost, improperly calculated pool chemicals can significantly harm guests and loved ones. At Hitches & Glitches, our team of experienced technicians recognizes that maintaining a pool in Dubai requires determined attention to detail. These are the reasons why professional pool maintenance can prove beneficial.

  • Pool Professionals Maintain Delicate Water Balance

The chemicals used to keep your pool water sanitized can also pose a health risk. Products such as chlorine and pH balancers effectively eliminate germs and bacteria that would otherwise build-up in your pool. Such chemicals are widely considered safe when used in precision amounts. Although many of these products come with directions on the label, non-professionals tend to miscalculate at some point. These are the negative impacts of improper pool chemicals.

  • Damage To Tile & Grout: When your pool water is improperly balanced, it can literally pull the tile and grout right off. That may seem hard to believe unless you have expertise in balancing the pH, alkalinity, chlorine and cyanuric in perfect harmony. When these products to not mesh for well-balanced pool water, it can develop a low-calcium hardness. That type of water targets the calcium in pool tile and grout. The result is often expensive repairs.
  • Damage To Pool Equipment: Low pH levels result in water many refer to as “hard” or “acid” water. When pH levels dip, they can begin to eat away at metals such as copper that are present in pool equipment. What’s particularly problematic about low pH issues is that in many cases, pool owners find themselves replacing equipment because it cannot be cost-effectively repaired.
  • Health Hazards: There are two common mistakes that well-meaning people make when maintaining a pool in Dubai without professional guidance. The first is adding too much chlorine in an effort to kill germs and bacteria. While you may accomplish that goal, excessive chlorine can negatively impact swimmers’ health, particularly children. When people complain about eye and skin irritations, pool owners often lower chemical use and invite germs and bacteria. This is a lose-lose proposition.

It’s important to keep in mind that maintaining a pool in Dubai presents some unique challenges. The intensity of the sun and heat has a profound effect on the sustainability of pool water sanitizers and pH balancers. Heat and ultraviolet rays can reduce chlorine efficiency by upwards of 90 percent.

That means peak seasons require increased due diligence in terms of testing and updating pool waters. And, the pool monitoring regimen will likely change significantly during periods when the sun is less harsh. All this can be overwhelming for a homeowner who already has a career and personal responsibilities to consider.

  • Call Experienced Professionals When Maintaining A Pool in Dubai

Owning your own pool can be a relaxing experience that improves your quality of life. But maintaining a pool in Dubai is simply a great deal of work. Given the risk of common missteps as well as the time and effort it takes to stay on top of pool treatments, it can become a substantial chore. At Hitches & Glitches, we deliver professional pool maintenance services to our valued Dubai community members so you can maximize your leisure time by the pool. Call us today.



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