Top tips to make your home Vacation-ready!

Summer is here, which also means the holiday season has arrived.

Your holiday needs to be relaxing and worry-free. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare your home before you leave . To help, the team at H&G have put together a simple checklist to ensure your home is safe and holiday ready.

Unplug all electronics

Protect your electronics from a possible power surge. It is always safe to unplug your favorite electronics to avoid any damage while you are away. Also, it helps reduce power and ultimately save electricity bills.

Set your thermostats

While you don’t want to waste energy cooling a home where no one is residing, you also don’t want the air to condensate, as too much heat and humidity can negatively affect furniture and fixtures as well as cause mold issues The H&G team advise to set your a/c thermostat at 24 degrees and fan on low.

Clean up your kitchen

Sometimes we tend to forget what we can’t immediately see. Nevertheless, it is so essential to dispose all your garbage before you head out or you may come back home to a house full of odor. . Clearing the sink traps, drains and clogs also help avoid water blockage in the house which may breed insects. If you do have any issues on your return from holiday, please contact the H&G team who can assist in resolving them quickly and efficiently.

Secure all locks

There are a lot of locks in a home. It is important to go around and check every single one before you go on holiday. .

Don’t forget to check all the windows, exterior doors, and your garage if you have one. If you have any sliding doors, place a metal rod or a piece of wood on the track to keep it from sliding open if someone tries. Make sure to arrange a safe box to store all your precious valuables like gold, bonds, etc.

Remember! Holidays can be costly but by practising these tips , you can save money and prevent any unexpected costs while you are away. Happy holidays!

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    H&G is one of the biggest help store for us in UAE, we always recommend our neighbors to get services from HG.

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