Signs of a Leaking Swimming Pool


Your swimming pool is undoubtedly one of the more important features of your home. It is also one of the most enjoyable. Who doesn’t benefit from the ability to take a quick dip in a crystal clear pool whenever they want? However, the swimming pool is also one of the most difficult features of a home to maintain. Signs of a leaking swimming pool are sometimes difficult to ferret out (especially to the untrained eye), but they are important to recognize.

Keep the following signs of a leaking swimming pool in mind so that you can catch problems before they turn into catastrophic events.

  • Standing Water Near the Pool

If there is standing water near your pool, you may want to conduct a visual inspection of the pool’s equipment. You may also notice uneven grass or mushy areas in your yard. You may have something as simple as a faulty O-ring, or the soft areas may come from an underground plumbing leak.

  • Losing Water

Pools will naturally lose water through evaporation, especially in the height of Dubai’s summer, but you may have a leaky pool if the loss becomes noticeable. In general, if your pool loses more than one fourth of an inch of water per day, you may want to check for signs of leaks.

  • Algae Growth

If your water is easily discolored or there is an extraordinary amount of algae around the pool, you may have a leak that is causing an imbalance in the water chemistry. This symptom will become especially prevalent if you have to add water more frequently because of abnormal water consumption.

  • Loose Tiles

When water leaks from a pool, the ground around the pool tends to become more unsettled. This may show itself through falling or loose tiles. The cement on the pool deck may also begin cracking.

  • Pool Settling

If you notice the pool settling into the ground, then you may have a gap or a crack in the bond beam.

  • Corrosion

Corrosion around the pipes leading to your pool or at the pump means that you definitely have a leak. You should call a professional immediately.

  • Soggy Soil

If you have soggy soil around any of the plumbing surrounding your pool, then you probably have a leak that needs professional attention.

  • Gurgling Sounds

Leaky pools cause weird sounds! If you can locate the source of the sound, then you have probably located your problem as well.

  • High Water Bills

A high water bill likely corresponds to one or more of the following symptoms being present. As a result, you will probably have to fill the full more often. This will cause your water bill to the much higher than it normally should be.

  • Abnormal Consumption

Make sure that you watch for this if you fill your pool with an automated device. It is especially important to watch your DEWA bill for spikes. If you notice that the devices always running, then you likely have a leak that needs to be addressed immediately.

  • Keep your pool maintained

These are the most common signs of a leaky pool, but they are not the only signs. If you think that’s your pool is leaking, it is better to visually inspect the area and call a professional just to make sure. It doesn’t take much for the chemistry or the geography of the pool to become unbalanced and cause more problems than the one that originally created the issue. Time is of the essence – every day that you wait is a chance for the problem to become worse.

Having regular check ups can help spot potential problems, and even when you are on holiday your pool can be maintained. No matter how expensive it is to fix a small problem now, it will definitely cost you less money than waiting and watching that problem get bigger over time.



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