Safety in the Home & Garden

Being in the Home Maintenance & Improvement business, we see a lot of accidents happening in and around the home. So, before you tackle niggling DIY, read this!

  • The most important point is to be realistic and don’t tackle a job unless you really have the ability. A competent, qualified person should always carry out gas and electrical renewal or repair work.
  • Don`t operate any electrical appliance with wet hands or while standing in water as you could receive a nasty shock or worse, be electrocuted.
  • Keep any machinery, equipment or tools clean and in good repair, and give each one a quick check over before you use it.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes when mowing the lawn and keep your feet and hands well away from the mower blades.
  • Stop and disconnect all electrical appliances and tools before working on them.
  • Ensure that all tools, paint and chemicals are kept safely out of the reach of children.
  • Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions very carefully when using adhesives, especially the instant type.
  • Keep children and pets away when carrying out DIY.
  • Keep barbecues well away from trees, buildings and fences. If they burn out of control, you are giving them an instant source to spread the fire.
  • Never pour petrol on a barbecue. It could instantly ignite straight into your face.
  • Keep all products in their original containers. Failure to do so could result in the incorrect, possibly dangerous use of the material.