Reduce Your Time, Cost of Maintaining a Swimming Pool in Dubai

The luxurious enjoyment of a backyard swimming pool cannot be understated. When temperatures rise, and you and your loved ones want cool relief, a refreshing dip makes a world of difference. But like any homeowner, you are probably looking for ways to reduce your labor and lower the cost of maintaining a swimming pool in Dubai. Hitches & Glitches has earned the confidence of more than 6,000 repeat customers, and our 24-hour service will save you time and money. These are ways our experienced team of professionals can lower the cost of maintaining a swimming pool in Dubai and provide you with improved leisure time you deserve.

Many property owners have seasonally high and low swimming pools enjoyment. When temperatures soar during the hot summer months, heightened pool use is expected. But it may be advisable to close and rest the swimming pool during low-usage periods. This involves the following tedious process that homeowners are wise to avoid doing themselves.

  • Thoroughly Clean and Balance the Pool
  • Extract All Debris from the Bottom
  • Filter Chemicals for at Least 24 Hours
  • Reduce Water Levels
  • Address Pump and Filter System Requirements
  • Clean, Empty, and Plug Water Lines
  • Cover the Pool Until Warm Weather Returns

Although a handy homeowner may be able to follow product manuals and complete the seasonal closure, it will likely cost you an entire weekend. And, a single misstep could result in costly repairs. Some things are best left to professionals. Reopening your pool and completing the following will also require a significant time investment as well.

  • Remove, Clean, and Properly Store Pool Cover
  • Reconnect Filters and Plumbing
  • Address Seasonal Filter System Maintenance Needs Before Restarting
  • Thoroughly Vacuum and Clean Pool
  • Balance the Water Chemicals

Pool lovers who are looking for ways to lower the monetary cost of owning and maintaining a swimming pool may want to first consider the expensive time investment of doing it yourself. If the end goal is enhanced quality of life, then taking on additional tasks defeats the purpose. But there are also substantial monetary savings benefits from outsourcing to an organization that manages swimming pools.

  • Save Money on Routine Pool Maintenance

Although time considerations are of paramount importance, ongoing maintenance costs can mount up. This can be especially true when homeowners decide to hire individuals or outfits that do not deliver the cost-lowering benefits of a large, highly mobile team that maintains and repairs pools and equipment every day. These are ongoing maintenance issues the trained professional at Hitches ad Glitches commonly resolve.

  • Maintain and Repair Pump and Water Filter Systems
  • Identify Potential Pool Leaks
  • Balance Water Chemistry During Routine Checks
  • Keep Accurate Records of CI, PH, and Tem Water Testing
  • Clear Debris from Skimmers and Baskets
  • Maintain Surrounding Deck Area
  • Inspect and Repair Faulty Lighting Fixtures

It’s essential to keep in mind that working with an outfit that delivers 24-hour pool maintenance and repair services stands as a go-to resource. When equipment malfunctions occur over the weekend or right before a special gathering of friends and family, the last thing anyone wants to do is disappoint guests by telling them the pool is out of order.

The value of knowing you have a reliable team of maintenance and repair specialists who are just a phone call away is priceless. At Hitches and Glitches, we reduce the cost of maintaining a swimming pool in Dubai and enhance your quality of life.



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