Preventative Drain Line Cleaning in Dubai Saves Money

The importance of drain line cleaning in Dubai cannot be understated. Although many lines are tucked away underneath the ground, the smells that emanate into businesses can foul the air and deter customers. When these drains become clogged in homes, it’s not uncommon for property owners to suffer backups, flooding, and the cost of cleanup can be high. That’s why Hitches and Glitches use state-of-the-art technology and methods to deliver cost-effective drain line cleaning in Dubai.

  • High Tech Drain Line Inspections

One of the primary challenges business and homeowners face when a liquid moves sluggishly down a drain, or noxious odors are infecting the building, is determining the precise origin of the problem. It wasn’t too many years ago that drain line cleaning in Dubai required at complete lengthy and less than strategic cleaning. That’s because, without the next generation technology used by Hitches and Glitches, drain line cleaning was largely guesswork.

Today, Hitches and Glitches utilizes remote closed-circuit television (CCTV) to conduct a thorough drain inspection in lines that range from 100mm up to 2 meters in diameter. The CCTV equipment can reach up to 80 meters from each entry point, and our customers can review the issue first-hand on an inspection video. This highly transparent process eliminates the need for home and business owners to spend their hard-earned money clearing out drains and sewer lines that are functioning effectively. You only pay to correct problem areas after making an informed decision.

For smaller pipes and drains, the experienced professionals at Hitches and Glitches utilize color pipe TV inspection methods to identify potential blockages. When smaller lines become clogged, homes and businesses tend to suffer quick flooding. In many ways, small lines can be an even bigger problem.

Home and business owners who have not had their drain lines inspected or serviced would be wise to consider doing so as soon as possible. If you stop and think about all of the sediment and products that find their way into pipes, you may realize it’s only a matter of time before a clog and costly cleanup occur.

Homeowners frequently allow cooking grease to go down the drain along with hair products, soaps, even paintbrushes occasionally get washed out in sinks. All of these materials are building up somewhere in your lines. Likewise, businesses owners who use cooking oils, dishwashers, and even environmentally safe products recognize that a clog could be imminent. Yet, few home and business owners act proactively. These are benefits home and business owners get from routine inspections and drain line cleaning in Dubai.

  • Improves Drain Lifespan: Regular inspections and cleaning reduce the damage to lines that can result in replacement over time.
  • Eliminate Foul Odors: By removing food and debris from drain lines, bad odors will no longer impact the space.
  • Efficient Drainage: When drains become obstructed, their efficiency is reduced, and backups can occur.
  • Save Money: When clogged drains result in a home or business becoming flooded, the cleanup cost far outweighs that of preventative inspections and maintenance.

It’s unfortunate that only after a costly cleanup do people call a drain line cleaning outfit in Dubai. But savvy home and business owners who understand the money-saving value of preventative maintenance and care are wise to take proactive measures. If your home or business is overdue for an inspection and drain line cleaning in Dubai, call Hitches and Glitches today.


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