New to Dubai? What to Look Out For

New to Dubai? What to Look Out For

Q: I’m new to Dubai and about to rent a villa/apartment, what things should I look out for that might need fixed?

H&G Home Team response:

Check that the air conditioning, water heaters, water pumps and water tank are working or call a maintenance company such as Hitches & Glitches to come and do it for you. We call this a Site Survey. If the water tank is underground then ensure there are no holes as leakages can massively increase your overall water bill. It is also worth noting that water tanks that are more than 5 years old and A/C units that are more than 10 years old will most likely need a complete overhaul or be replaced.

If you are checking a property and DEWA hasn’t been connected yet then you could simply ask to see copies of the previous maintenance records to see what has been fixed, repaired, broken or is new. By the way not all new villas are waterproof so it’s advisable to check the roof for leaks too.