Maintained water tanks ensure safe and drinkable water

Tap water comes from your building or villa’s water tank, and while you may not necessarily drink this water directly, you use it for many other reasons at home – such as cooking, brushing teeth, and bathing or showering.  Children are often prone to ingesting some water during bath time too.

While DEWA has confirmed that the potable water in its network is in full compliance with international standards and the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, you may not know what lurks in your water tank. Factors like bugs, sewage traces, bird droppings, mud and harmful bacteria are a few of the things that could be trapped.  For all you know, your dirty water tank could be the reason behind your last stomach bug, throat infection or skin rash.

To keep the bugs and potential infections at bay, water tanks need to be cleaned every six months, by law.  Not only does regular cleaning ensure you drink cleaner water, but also:

  • Keeps your tank clear of sediment and silt;
  • Prevents rust and corrosion;
  • Reduces tank maintenance and costs;
  • Prevents blockages and leakages;
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.

 Hitches & Glitches is ISO certified and is a Dubai Municipality approved water tank cleaning provider.  Our dedicated and trained team ensures the best water tank cleaning, water testing, and water disinfecting services in the UAE.

Although water tank cleaning is mandatory, pipeline disinfection should become a good habit to do when cleaning your tank. This is why Hitches & Glitches is offering free pipeline disinfection, worth a minimum of AED 300, with every water tank cleaning service booked until 13th April 2019.  Water tank cleaning services start from AED 630 including VAT.

Pipeline disinfection is a vital part of the process, ensuring cleanliness and sterilisation for the complete water distribution system, not just the water tank, as well as:

  • Getting rid of bio-films (layers of bacteria that attach to the interior walls of water distribution pipes and to one another)
  • Eliminating the formation of the impenetrable material that forms when the bacterial community traps nutrients, microbes, and waterborne pathogens
  • Eradicating slime bacteria, mould and algae with H&G’s specialist pipeline disinfection chemicals

If your water tank and pipes are thoroughly clean and safe, you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to healthier living.

 For more information or to book the mandatory water cleaning services through Hitches & Glitches, visit:


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