Is your Swimming Pool safe for use?

safe swimming pool

As the summer comes, swimming & chilling in the swimming pool will be the most popular activity across the UAE. It is great fun with a lot of health benefits such as toning muscles, building strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming pool water can be contaminated with Giardia, Crypto, E. Coli, Legionella, Shigella, and other bacteria that are hazardous to our health. We should be practicing healthy swimming at all times, following the steps below, would be beneficial to all pool users:

  1. Do not enter or allow kids to enter any aquatic facility (pool, spa, hot tub, water playground) when sick of diarrhea
  2. Do not swallow or let children swallow the water
  3. Ensure kids are equipped with diapers adequate for swimming. In case of changing diapers, do it in the changing room, not in the pool area.
  4. Take a shower before and after entering the swimming pool
  5. Stay safe on the pool and prevent any injury

Swimming pools need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, and water needs to be treated adequately, or else it can be dangerous for use. Pool maintenance is far from an easy DIY project, so the best option would be to appoint reputable pool maintenance professionals.

H&G provides exceptional pool cleaning and maintenance service. Our pool technicians will ensure that your swimming pool water is perfectly balanced and safe for use by applying required chemicals as per standards of Dubai Municipality. Water parameters will be tested on a regular basis, using the latest technology. Microbiology and Legionella testing can be a part of a regular maintenance schedule. In case of any fecal or other incidents, our team will take all required corrective actions to bring the water quality back to the standards.

We can also bring the life back to old neglected pools, so they can be operational and crystal clear again.

Swim safe!


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