Is your Swimming Pool safe for use?

We all enjoy some summertime swimming and chilling. It’s a great way to cool down, have fun and one of the few outdoor sports you can enjoy throughout the year.

But did you know that if the pool water isn’t cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, it could get contaminated by things like giardia, crypto, E. coli, legionella, shigella and other bacteria?

Pool maintenance isn’t an easy DIY project. Chemicals and testing equipment are needed, so it’s best to appoint a reputable pool maintenance company.

H&G provides professional and expert pool cleaning and maintenance services. Using the latest technology, water is tested on regular basis and our pool technicians will ensure your swimming pool water is perfectly balanced and safe for use by applying the right chemicals (these follow Dubai Municipality standards).

We can also bring old and neglected pools back to life, and make them crystal clear again.

There are things you can do to help keep you and your pool healthy this summer, follow the steps below:

  1. If you or your child is suffering from diarrhea, don’t go in the pool/spa/hot tub/water playground as it can spread germs;
  2. Don’t swallow the water;
  3. Make sure younger children wear diapers/nappies for swimming. Change them on a regular basis in the changing facilities, not around the pool area;
  4. Take regular showers before and after entering the swimming pool;
  5. Get your pool cleaned on a regular basis and arrange regular maintenance;
  6. Ensure the water is treated regularly.


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