How to Make the Most of your Air Con in the Summer

Scorching Emirati summers heat up to 45 degrees Celsius or more! Needless to say, our air conditioners are the unsung heroes of our homes. They can also be a drag on our pocketbooks. Fighting back the desert heat is expensive, especially if the air conditioner is working harder than it has to.

Here are Hitches & Glitches’ eight tips on how to make the most of your air con in the summer!

  • Have your Air Conditioner Serviced!

Many homeowners skip this step and lose big money in the process. Your air conditioner could be churning at full power and not providing all the cool air it could be, wasting your money in the process. Call the experts at Hitches & Glitches to give your air con a checkup before the big heat hits. We can tune it up, make adjustments, and recommend techniques to increase its efficiency. We may even catch problems early, preventing a more costly repair job or replacement.

  • Make Sure your Home and Duct Work is Properly Sealed.

There’s no point blasting your air con if that cool air is going to escape through a loose or faulty door and window sealing. Harder to spot may be cracks and separations in your HVAC ducts. Such defects might be hidden behind walls or in your attic, bleeding cool air out into the desert. Hitches & Glitches can make sure your ducts, doors, and windows are properly sealed, an affordable step to save big on home climate control.

  • Use a Programmable Thermostat.

Most newer homes have these. If yours does not, a Hitches & Glitches expert can install one and show you how to set it and forget it. Instead of blasting all day into an empty house, the cool air shuts off shortly after you and your family leave for work or school, and turns back on shortly before you arrive home. Remember to change the programming if your schedule changes so you and your family don’t return to a baking house.

  • Use Ceiling Fans.

Ceiling fans draw far less energy than air conditioners. Using them allows you to set your thermostat several degrees lower and maintain the same temperature. IMPORTANT: make sure your fan is not rotating in the wrong direction! Fan blades should turn counterclockwise. If you have no ceiling fans, Hitches & Glitches can install one. It will pay for itself in reduced electrical bills.

  • Install Canopies or Window Shades.

The less direct sunlight enters your home, the cooler it stays. Your air conditioner will not have to work as hard, reducing your electrical bills and lengthening its effective life. Ask your Hitches & Glitches technician what window shades or canopies might fit your home.

  • Use the Oven or Clothes Drier during Cooler Hours.

If possible, schedule your use of the oven or clothes drier in the early morning or the late evening. These appliances heat up the house and make your air conditioner work extra hard.

  • Change your Filter Once a Month.

The cleaner the filter, the greater the efficiency. Set a reminder on your online calendar or an alert on your phone so you don’t forget. Even simpler, get on Hitches & Glitches’ schedule for regular filter changes.

  • Clear the Area Around your Compressor.

Your compressor does its best work when it isn’t crowded. Any debris or landscaping surrounding or on top of the compressor will reduce its efficiency. Hitches & Glitches can remove any heavy debris or cumbersome objects that might be blocking your compressor.

Contact Hitches and Glitches on 800 4 2634 to talk to us about our air conditioning service and how you can make the most of your air con in the summer.


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