How To Make The Most of Small Living Room

living room

The living room is the hub of activity in most homes. It is in this space you and your family enjoy watching TV together, play games together, converse and simply enjoy living life. Therefore, it is especially problematic when this space feels cramped and crowded. Thankfully, even when you have a small living room, there are ways to maximize the space available and at least create a more open feeling. Simply follow the tips listed below:

living room


Opt For Multifunctional Furniture

Instead of choosing multiple pieces for various purposes, why not opt for multifunctional furniture. After all, in a small space, each item must earn its keep. Therefore, choose items that can serve more than one function within the room. For example, an ottoman can be a place to prop up your feet, but also a coffee table or extra seating. Select side tables that can nest or be moved from place to place or even be used as extra seating.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Built In Storage

When you are low on space, you might have the tendency to hoard wall space and section out your organizational items. For example, you might have a small chest in one area storing items, a bookshelf nearby, and something else storing items another place. Instead of splitting up these storage items, why not instead consider devoting one area of your room to a built-in storage piece? This one item will contain everything you need to store from blankets to video games. Some even offer built-in hidden options like pull down desks. If the idea of building such a piece much less installing it is overwhelming, no worries. You can hire the professionals at Hitches and Glitches to take care of the job for you. Keep in mind, this one piece of furniture doesn’t have to be bulky to be functional. Slim shelving units are available as well.

Create An Optical Illusion of More Space

Another way to at least make your living room space feel larger, even if it isn’t in actuality, is to create visual illusions of space. You can do this in a few ways. One of which is hanging sheer curtains not large drapes over the windows. Another trick is to hang mirrors across from a window to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Also, don’t neglect the vertical space in your room. Although it won’t help you seating wise, drawing the eye upwards if you have high ceilings, will make the room “feel” more spacious. One way of drawing the eye vertically is hanging artwork in a stacked pattern, taking advantage of the height of the room. Of course, hanging mirrors, sheer curtains and lots of artwork can be arduous. Thankfully, the professionals at Hitches and Glitches are available to take care of these tasks for you.

Select Small Scale Furniture

Huge, bulky furnishings might feel comfortable and look inviting, but in a small space, they can make the room seem even smaller. If you are dealing with how to make the most of small living room, the last thing you want to do is fill it with large bulky pieces. Instead, select small-scale furnishings. Select small couches and chairs instead of love seats and overstuffed couches for example. Keep in mind; however, that sometimes, sectional coaches are still best if you want to completely fill a corner of your living space. You can still select low profile sectionals that aren’t as bulky. If you go this route, though, you will likely only have space for one main sitting area in the room. So, you will have to decide if you want multiple small pieces arranged around the room or one large sectional. You really should avoid doing both as this will just seem overcrowded and cluttered.

When answering the challenge of how to make the most of small living room, keep the aforementioned tips in mind. Also, call the professionals at Hitches and Glitches to help you accomplish these and many other household tasks.


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