Home Maintenance Packages in Dubai

Your home is your castle. Ideally, you want it to be comfortable, beautiful, and unique. It’s a true reflection of who you are and how you want your family to live. Trusting just the right home maintenance specialist is something to carefully consider when you are in the market to have some remodeling, repairs, or renovations done on your property. Hitches & Glitches is here for you as the largest provider of home maintenance packages in Dubai. No matter what you would like done to your home or business, our experts will partner with you on the process to make it go as smoothly as possible.

  • Treat Your Home or Business to the Best

Our highly trained staff are experts in the field of home repairs and renovations. We’ve built a great reputation around the area for our top-notch work. The value and reliability we provide are second to none. Treat your home or business to work that is done right the first time. Our clients call us when they need things like electric work done, plumbing, cleaning, landscapers, and handymen to do odd jobs all around the home. Our full list of services is extensive because if it involves your home, we can handle any needs that may come up. Smart product installations? Yes. We can do that too.

  •  Different Home Maintenance Packages in Dubai Available

 There are four types of home maintenance packages in Dubai that we offer at Hitches & Glitches. Each is based on a monthly fee that is very affordable. First we offer a Basic plan. This plan includes access to our 24/7 helpline when you have an emergency situation come up in your home that needs repair. It also includes unlimited service calls for problems with your AC, electrical, and plumbing repairs. The first of those service calls up to six times are completely free. We also have a 60-minute response time for emergencies and a six-hour response time for non-emergencies. Either way, we’ll get to your home issues fast to have things up and running the way they need to be again. All you have to do is make the call, sit back and relax, and we’ll get the work done.

  • Other Packages Have Additional Benefits

Other packages have more extensive benefits including the Standard and Executive. Each of those includes annual maintenance programs that will service your AC (twice a year), electric(once a year), and plumbing (once a year). There is also a 10% discount for all other services with those two packages. Just take a look at the home maintenance page on our website to see the full list of services that all of our packages have. You can purchase each package easily online to be fully setup to care for your home. Keep in mind these packages have pricing that is based on the size of your home or apartment and the number of rooms in it.

  • Custom Packages are a Perfect Option

We are also able to customize just the right home maintenance packages in Dubai for you, so that Hitches & Glitches can provide the exact checklist of services that you truly need for your home or apartment.

Call us today or stop by the website to see everything Hitches & Glitches has to offer your home or business. We guarantee your home will be everything you want it to be…perfectly beautiful and running just right.


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