Have you had your Summer AC check up?

With the summer nearly upon us, what should a reputable maintenance company carry out as a pre-summer check-up?

  1. Air filters should be cleaned so as to allow sufficient airflow and ensuring the a/c unit operates optimally and to the satisfaction and comfort of the resident.
  2. Refrigerant levels should be checked and topped up if required. A low refrigerant level could also indicate a leakage which should be repaired immediately.
  3. All electrical connections related to the a/c unit should be checked for loose connections which are a potential safety hazard.
  4. If the a/c unit has a belt driven fan then this should be checked to ensure the tension as well as the alignment are correct.
  5. All bearings should be greased to ensure sufficient lubrication, mitigating friction as well as excessive temperatures caused by wear.

Lack of proper maintenance is the biggest cause of a/c unit failures. Some homeowners regard this as a grudge purchase, however the potential impact of intermittent failures should be considered when having this type of ‘pennywise pound foolish’ approach. Whilst discounts can always be negotiated in good faith, some less reputable companies may cut corners by not carrying out works to the required standard or using poor quality materials and spares.

Always deal with a reputable company and don’t be afraid to compare quotations and service proposals. Insist on seeing a company profile as well as references, a reputable company that can be trusted will be pleased to reassure you with third party testimonials. Finally call the referees!