Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Hitches & Glitches is your premier partner for deep cleaning services in Dubai. A regular cleaning service isn’t going to have the expertise and skills to deep clean in the right way. They are just giving you a superficial service clean. When you decide you want to go with the experts in deep cleaning services in Dubai, all you have to do is give us a call. If you want to know exactly what goes into our deep cleaning services, here is some information about what we provide that will help you make the decision to go with the best at Hitches & Glitches.

Any Size Home

We deep clean all kinds of properties, including studio apartments up to grand villas, with six or more bedrooms. Any size home is going to get the same extra-strength cleaning power that a true deep clean can satisfy. You’ll love how extra attention to detail is paid with the right kind of clean to transform the feel of your home.

  • What Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai Includes

You may be curious as to what exactly deep cleaning services in Dubai includes. It’s so much more than just a basic clean. We go the extra mile to make sure that we scrub away all the dirt and dust that accumulates on all doors and light switches. Bathrooms and toilets get the full treatment of immaculately scrubbed floors, all the tiled walls on your shower stalls bleached to remove any mold or mildew, with sinks and mirrors that are washed to a pure shine.

  • Top to bottom this is a new and better way to clean.

Kitchens get that same type of treatment with each and every surface, including cabinets, worktop services, and appliances cleaned with vigor.

If you have a balcony or porch, that will be spotless too. This type of deep clean also includes cleaning out your A/C vents and skirting. Windows, door frames, and all the hardwood flooring will be specially cleaned with just the right cleaning products for any surface.

When you have additional work that needs to be done, we’ll be happy to quote you a price on that as well. Some other services may be garbage chute cleaning, glass restoration, laundry duct cleaning, data center cleaning, and even mold inspection. Those are just a few of the special cleaning services we offer at Hitches & Glitches.

You will be amazed at just how effective a deep clean will be for the look and feel of your home.

  • Reasons to Have Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

There are so many reasons to have a deep cleaning service over just an ordinary cleaning one. If you are moving in or out of a rental property, and need it to have that spotless clean so it’s in the condition it was when you moved in, we’re here for you.

Plus, the region of our area in Dubai is very dry and dusty. It’s just a fact of the environment we live in. Having a deep cleaning service come in on a regular basis will help to prevent some of that dust from remaining in your home. This is especially important if any of your family living there has allergies or respiratory issues. Extra dust and debris can trigger breathing problems if the environment isn’t sparkling clean. A true deep clean from Hitches & Glitches will make each part of your home just like new again.

Our mission is to deliver top quality home maintenance services, including deep cleaning, to all of our customers in the Dubai area. We’re proud of the work we do in many different fields, but our deep cleaning is an ideal service to have done as often as you need it. You can book any of our services online, or give us a call to schedule. We’ll be happy to discuss any questions you might have on what will be included in your deep cleaning service.


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