3 Home Projects Better Left to Handyman Services in Dubai

It’s quite common for homeowners to want to take on renovation projects out of a sense of pride. Painting a room or installing storage shelves can improve the living space. But a thin line exists between projects everyday homeowners enjoy managing and those that require a specialized worker. If a home project feels like it might be something of a challenge, it may be wise to call a professional. Hitches & Glitches provides cost-effective handyman services Dubai residents trust. These are common home projects better outsourced to an experienced handyman team.

  • Tile Installation Mistakes are Expensive

To many do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) see tile installation as a relatively simple home renovation project. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a reason that some companies specialize and charge a hefty fee for tile work. It takes a certain level of experience to recognize problem areas and avoid mistakes. These are some of the more costly errors everyday people tend to make.

  • Unprepared Surfaces
  • Uneven Grout
  • Dotting Corners
  • Incorrect Adhesive Products
  • Improper Tool Usage
  • Not Ordering Enough Tile

When DIYers take on a tile project, these and other miscalculations can result in paying to have your work removed and then paying a professional to start from scratch. By contacting the handyman services Dubai homeowners rely on for such projects, you can cost-effectively enjoy precision tile work.

  • Window Installations Are Tasks For Pros

Replacing your windows seems like it may be just a matter of popping out the old ones, and having someone help you insert new models. But the reality of window installations is that they tend to go wrong before you even get started. The most prevalent error that non-construction professionals make is incorrect measurements.

The most common mistake people make is trying to get an accurate measurement while the current window is still in place. Because you are neither a professional contractor or experienced handyman, understanding the widths and heights that are not exposed to your measuring tape can trip you up.

When the windows arrive, they may not fit inside the existing space. And if those units were special ordered, it’s unlikely you can exchange them and get your money back. The result is often calling a professional to renovate the wall to receive the paid-for replacement windows or buying a new set altogether. Even non-professionals that manage to get the measurements correct often struggle with units that won’t open and close easily, or leak air conditioning energy.

  • Demolition Projects Can Get Messy

Taking out a wall to open up your floor plan doesn’t seem all that difficult at first blush. That is until the sledgehammer hits the wall. What DIYers often discover partway into a demolition project is that things like active electricity lines and structural columns are behind the wall’s surface. With a large gaping hole in your wall, homeowners often find themselves tasked with repairing and repainting the damage. What’s even worse is the costly embarrassment.

Scheduling a professional handyman consultation allows you to make an informed decision based on experienced advice. Before swinging away, you will know about wiring, plumbing, and the structural implications of removing a wall. You can also make a decision about the peripheral work needed to open your floor plan in a safe, cost-effective fashion.

  • Reliable Handyman Services Dubai Homeowners Trust

Owning an automobile doesn’t make any of us professional drivers, just as being a homeowner doesn’t make us renovation specialists. We are all good at our occupations and are wise to work with people who specialize in others. In Dubai, Hitches & Glitches provides cost-effective handyman services that get the job done right. Call us to schedule a home renovation consultation and get a quote today.


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